Caramel Cloud Macchiatos and Trips to Boulder

trips to boulder

This isn’t even stuff that happened this past weekend, but it did happen the weekend before and I felt the need to share now. My mom and I had a mission, and that mission was to find a new tennis skirt at Lululemon. And of course the closest Lululemon was in Boulder. Since I was home for the weekend, I took a trip to Boulder, the home of the enemy (Go Rams!), and went to the 29th Street Mall.

I honestly forgot how scary Boulder was. I used to visit all the time considering that my dad worked at CU Boulder, but it has gotten weird, let me tell ya. There were just a lot of weird stores and the overall vibe was just a little weird. Regardless, I found my skirt at Lululemon and will happily be wearing it on the court whenever I get the chance. We also found a couple of really cute racerback tank tops and another cute shirt for working out in. I would definitely consider Lululemon to be on the more expensive side of clothing, but the quality is amazing, and their clothes last for quite a long time, so the price is worth it.

After our time at Lululemon, we walked around Macy’s and then Brandy Melville, which I didn’t realize was an actual, physical store. I’ve known that you can shop at Brandy Melville online, but like I said, I didn’t realize it was an actual store you could shop at in person. I also knew a bunch of girls that LOVED Brandy Melville clothes in high school and made the biggest deal of it, but I’ve never really understood that. If Brandy Melville is your style and you love it, I’m not judging, but still, wow.

There’s honestly a lot of clothes that are that way in my opinion. As long as you’re comfortable and confident in what you wear, then that’s awesome! There really isn’t a need to go around making a big deal of other people’s outfits, judging them for the brands they wear. Clothes are clothes, let’s keep that in mind. Kind of like with the brand Supreme, I never understood the appeal. Super limited edition, super “cool”, and super expensive. And the only thing that separated Supreme hoodies from a perfectly good and comfortable hoodie from Kohl’s or Target was the logo.

Anyway, back to the story of my weekend. After our walk-through of Brandy Melville, my family and I stopped at Starbucks (woohoo) and finished our Boulder afternoon adventure with caramel cloud macchiatos. And if you get the cloud macchiato iced, it’s even better. Honestly, the cloud macchiato is my favorite all-time drink at Starbucks. It’s beautiful and so tasty and so different from any other Starbucks drink I’ve ever had. It’s unfortunate that it’s a limited edition drink, but it’s really not too big of a deal. Hopefully they’ll bring it back around!

I hope you all have a great week. I’m glad that the weather is finally getting warmer, especially after having a horrible bomb cyclone x2 this past week. See you next Sunday!

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