Saved the Best Dance For Last: Prom 2018

So, I’m exhausted, but was it worth it? Absolutely!! Last night, was my senior prom and I’m so glad that I went with the people I did because they made last night really fun. Here’s how it all went down.

I was in a group of ten which included myself, my sister, and a couple of both of our friends. Although it had been snowing all night and part way through the Saturday morning, that didn’t stop us all from taking pictures outside and refusing to wear jackets the entire night. (Sorry Mom!) After pictures, we had dinner at Old Chicago and we were all successful in not getting pizza sauce on our dresses!

Prom this year was at the Children’s Museum in downtown Denver. At first, I thought this was going to be ridiculous. Prom at the Children’s Museum? We’re all dressed up and you expect me to be running around in heels and a long, expensive dress?! These thoughts didn’t even cross my mind once while we were there. We had SO MUCH FUN. There was a water room and a bubble room and a supermarket and a little art studio. Not to mention there was a coffee bar with handmade, fresh donut holes that you could decorate with sprinkles and whatever else was available. The dance floor was pretty small but still, there was great music and fun dancing, so that worked out. Right outside the dance floor, there was also a beautiful view of Denver at night. Oh, and there was also a firetruck that you could play around in and turn on the siren and flash the lights. This was a great place to entertain my inner child.

Once prom was over and my feet were dead, we headed back to one of my friend’s house to get ready for JAM. For those of you who don’t know, JAM stands for Just After Midnight, and it’s my school’s after-prom party. And it’s absolutely, THE BEST after-prom party. There’s always a theme for JAM and it’s never revealed until you get to the doors of my high school, which adds to the surprise and fun. From midnight to 4 am, there’s food, bouncy castles and inflatables, caricature drawings, airbrush and Henna tattoos, card games like Blackjack and Craps, prizes ranging from stuffed animals to printers and mini-fridges, and so much more. At JAM, you play games and do activities to earn JAM bucks that you can spend at the store and get sweet prizes for. With all of the things I did, I bought this giant gray teddy bear which was totally worth it. My sister got the same teddy bear and so now we have matching giant teddy bears, and it’s great. It’s weird because I was still very awake at like 3 am, and I expected to feel wiped out and ready to fall asleep at any chance I had. That wasn’t the case this year!

After JAM, whoever was left awake in our group finished our night out with IHOP and then called it a night. Haha, unfortunately, Allyson and I both had to be at work this morning and worked until lunch and then went home and crashed. That was the first all-nighter I’ve ever pulled and I hope I never find myself awake for 32 hours again, haha. After a great winter’s nap, here I am writing this blog so happy that I don’t have school tomorrow. Yay for senior ditch days!

To those of you who had prom already, I hope it was a magical and fun time. To those of you who haven’t had prom yet, I hope it’s going to be a wonderful time. Have a beautiful week you beautiful people!

Me and my beautiful sister. XOXO


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