Things I Thought As A Kid

Things I thought as a kid

When we were kids, there was plenty of weird stuff we thought about, right? Our imaginations ran wild and we came up with the craziest stuff to explain things. I at least knew that this was the case for me. Here are a couple of things I thought as a kid:

  • The sound from the radio came from the light on the inside of the car between the front and back seats. On top of that, I also used to think that the people talking on the radio and the artists singing their songs all were in this big blimp together in the sky. Not quite sure where that idea came from, but I had it.
  • The moon followed me everywhere I went while I was in the car.
  • There was a monster that would only get bigger and bigger until it would come to eat me if I didn’t take a nap when I was supposed to. The monster shrunk to nothing when I laid down for a nap. This sounds really creepy, but I promise I was a perfectly normal and happy-go-lucky kid.
  • When you dropped your stuffed animals on the floor and they bounced back up, that meant they were alive.
  • This was more of a one-day thing, but I thought that woodchips made great hair curlers.
  • The little holes in the sidewalk were leprechaun footprints.
  • A woman has a baby literally right after she gets married. Literally right after they kiss at the altar. I’m not quite sure where I got that idea or thought, but I had it…
  • Gum was a good hippie headband. That was a HORRIBLE mistake. I lost a good chunk of hair to that one.
  • Teachers lived in school.
  • Quicksand was a big problem everywhere.
  • The bottom of a foam pit was endless.
  • My mom bought some soap one time that looked like candy and it definitely wasn’t. I figured that out after one attempt at a bite.
  • Drinking and driving applies to all drinks.

Some of these are probably things that you all thought of as kids too. It’s always fun to look back on the things you thought as a kid and reminisce in the good old days of childhood. Have a good week everyone! 🙂