What’s the Craze with Kylie Cosmetics?

The makeup industry noticed a dramatic rise in sales in 2016 and I have a feeling that with all of the up and coming goodies of the makeup world, that’s only going to grow. Kylie Jenner, 19 year old TV personality, designer, and model, joined the makeup industry by starting her own line of cosmetics, Kylie CosKylie Jenner, 19 year old TV personality, designer, and model, joined the makeup industry by starting her own line of cosmetics, Kylie Cosmetics.metics. Immediately after it’s introduction to the world, people, for the most part, were obsessed with her products. So what’s the big deal?

I was really curious with the whole Kylie Cosmetics thing and so for Christmas I asked for some of her lipsticks and some Kyshadow. Clever play on words, am I right?

As of right now, Kylie Cosmetics are only sold online, and most of the time, my family and I hesitate to buy anything online. Going through kyliecosmetics.com was really simple and right after making the purchases, we were notified via email and the package arrived when predicted. Overall, the website was easy to navigate and the service was great.

Onto the actual products themselves. I got the Maliboo lip kit, King K metallic lipstick, and yellow gold creme eyeshadow. As an added bonus during the holiday season, I got a free fuzzy stocking with the Kylie Cosmetics logo on it. It’s super cute! With the lipsticks, the application is SO smooth and they smell amazing. Kylie recommends only applying one coat, and I could agree that one coat is sufficient. The lipsticks stay on really well and I haven’t had any struggles with them getting on my teeth or on my food or even staining my cups and water bottle. That’s a first for me with lipsticks! The lipsticks work best when you first apply a coat of lip liner to your entire lip. I would also recommend putting a layer of chapstick on before you even put on the lip liner. The lipsticks do a great job of keeping your lips hydrated, but it just feels better for me when I apply chapstick. With the creme eyeshadow, the application is also really easy and the color is very pigmented and absolutely gorgeous! It’s still a very pretty, shimmery gold and it too does a great job of staying on.

Kylie CosmeticsKylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics

After trying out Kylie’s products, I can finally say that I understand why people go crazy for them. They’re really good makeup products! While they might be on the more pricey end of makeup products, I would say that they’re worth the price if you’re wiling to pay. Be careful though, making sure that you don’t purchase fake cosmetics. The prices might be cheaper, but they aren’t the real thing. The best place to purchase them is off of her official website.

Have a good week everyone! 🙂