Did You Know: Disneyland

Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. Millions of people visit the park in Anaheim, California annually and it’s known for being a place that allows people to have fun and make good memories. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Disneyland.

-Disneyland doesn’t sell chewing gum or shelled peanuts purposefully. They want to keep the grounds clear of litter.

-The Matterhorn mountain is an 1/100th scale of the actual Matterhorn in Switzerland exactly.

-There are 68 horses on King Arthur’s Carousel and each of them is unique with their own name.

-Disneyland cast members never point with one finger. They will either gesture with an open palm or two fingers. This is because in some cultures it is considered rude to point with one finger.

-The water in most rides is tinted green or black to hide the tracks and filtration systems. The water is also really shallow.

-There are no 90 degree turns at Disneyland. Walt didn’t want the park to have a cold, amusement park vibe to it.

-Trash cans are strategically placed throughout the park. Guests are no more than 30 steps from any trash can.

-If you see a cast member with a blue name tag instead of a white name tag, that means that they are a recipient of the Legacy Award which is a special award given to cast members who are recognized for their exemplary service.

-Over 200 feral cats call Disneyland their home. They’re allowed to stay their because they keep the rodents under control.

-Whenever a body of water is drained and cleaned, the coins thrown into the water are collected and donated to charity.

So whether or not this information is new, now you know a few things about Disneyland.