Curious About Curiosity?

Here’s trait #3 from 8 Ways to a Happier You by Beth Janes, curiosity. If you want to become a happier person, you need to be able to have curiosity and be willing to try new things. But what exactly is curiosity and how can you become a more curious person? Here’s how.

Curiosity is the penchant for seeking out new and different experiences and adventures. It’s the ability to not fear trying new foods. activities, and experiences. People that are curious more likely to push themselves to learn new material and improve on what they already know. They’re better problem solvers too.┬áBeing curious allows a person to explore their options and ways of finding a solution to a problem. During this process they will be able to learn more about themselves and others as well as have fun with what they’re doing.

To work on becoming a more curious person, think more creatively on how to solve problems and ask questions. Building off of the previous trait, grit, be willing to dig deep and try hard to accomplish your goals. You could work on this by not asking the typical, “How was your day?” question. The typical response is, “Good,” and then the conversation ends. You could build a stronger relationship, learn more about your family members and friends, as well as have a solid conversation. Ask more creative questions like, “What was something fun that you did today?” or “What interesting things happened today?”. Questions like that would probably generate a better conversation and improve one’s curiosity.

Curiosity will help you become a happier person. It will help you become a better problem-solver, learn more about yourself and others, and become a more creative person. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Don’t be afraid to fail. You’ll only grow from whatever you are curious about.

Have a good week!


Janes, Beth. “8 Ways to a Happier You.” 2016. Print.