App Reviews: Acapella

Music video apps and singing apps have become extremely popular in the past few months. Each of these apps is fun and cool in their own way. They allow you to make funny or serious videos that are short and fun to watch. The app that is being reviewed specifically is Acapella, which as far as I know is currently only available on iOS devices.

Acapella is an app in which you can record someone singing or making music in up to nine frames all in one video. The result is a short video that is really cool and entertaining to watch. The app is free, with the exception of $1.99 to unlock three minute length videos and $9.99 to unlock ten minute length videos. Every frame type and video length, excluding the three and ten minute video are completely free.

The entertaining part about this musical app is that you can choose to make whatever kind of music you want to, express yourself, and if you choose to, you can share your musical creations with other Acapella app users or on social media.

The Acapella app is easy to work with when creating videos. There are features like a metronome to help keep a beat, a count-down timer, and another timer to let you know how much longer you have to sing or play an instrument of some sort. Saving the video and sharing it is fairly easy, it just takes it a little while for the app to process it so that it can be shared or saved.

Overall, Acapella is a creative, enjoyable, and easy-to-use app. Whether you’re singing, playing an instrument, making sounds, dancing, or just being silly, this app will help you create something fun to watch. Several other apps that are music and singing related include, Video Star,, Dubsmash, and Vine (this is more of a social media). The possibilities are endless with Acapella, so if you’re interested in music and making fun, short musical videos, this is the app for you.

App Reviews: Acapella

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