A Trip to the Capitol

This past Friday, my sister and I had the day off from school so our dad drove us all down to Denver to tour the Capitol.

At first we walked around on our own and then decided to take a tour that lasted about an hour. We got to see the Hall of Presidents, Brown’s Attic, the entrance to Governor Hickenlooper’s office, the Senate and House in session, and the breath-taking view from the dome.

President Kennedy in the Hall of Presidents
President Kennedy in the Hall of Presidents


Not only were there 61 steps to climb to reach the dome (yes, I counted) but the view of the Rocky Mountains and everything in Denver was great once we got there.

At the top of the dome; It was raining so we had to stay on the inside of the dome
At the top of the dome; It was raining so we had to stay inside but the view was still great!
The rotunda
The rotunda

We had a great day at the Capitol and I highly recommend it to people coming from out-of-state looking for something to do and for all Colorado residents.


Going to visit monuments or important buildings in your area is a super fun and educational way to spend the day. For example, did you know that the Colorado flag is blue for our beautiful blue skies, red for the color red in the rocks, white for the snow-capped mountains, and yellow for the over 300 days of sunshine we get? Going places like the state capitol is a good way to learn more about things like the state motto or the meaning of the flag. (The motto is “nil sine numine” which means “nothing without providence”.

See what your area has to offer!

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