Dove “Evolution” vs. Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl Commercial

Dove Evolution Commercial from Real Beauty Campaign Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl 2015 Commercial
Message Our perception of beauty is distorted because of the photo-shopped models we see on a daily basis. The image we all see is only accomplished through Photoshop.  Love yourself for who you are. You are beautiful. With Victoria’s Secret products you can look and feel like an angel. You will become beautiful.
Body image Little to no makeup, healthy weight, blemishes, rough skin, “naturally beautiful”, short neck, small eyes Very thin and tall, tan, big eyes, long necks, long and thick hair, appealing, flawless
Product Advertised Support for the Dove Self-Esteem Foundation Victoria’s Secret lingerie
Mood/Tone Busy, hectic, realistic Romantic and pretty
Music Instrumental, in-sync with plot in ad, sounds from photo shoot Romantic, jazzy, calm, and intriguing
Reaction Positive, eye-opening,  and shocking to a majority of people including myself Persuasive and controversial

In today’s day and age, it’s nearly impossible to go without seeing or hearing about something dealing with body image. Most of the information about body image is spread by commercials to attract the consumer and make them want to feel a certain way. There are two particular ads, the “Dove Evolution” ad from Dove’s Real Beauty Campaign and Victoria’s Secret Super Bowl 2015 commercial. They both show different kinds of body images. These two ads have many differences that make them the special advertisements they are including their message, music, portrayal of body image, and so on.

To start off, the “Dove Evolution” advertisement sends a unique message about body image. In the commercial, a natural, average model is brought into a studio. As time passes, makeup is applied, her hair is curled and adjusted, lighting is added, and finally her face is photo-shopped to make her eyes bigger and her neck longer. In the end, the ad states, “No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted.”  The “Dove Evolution” ad was broadcasted to show that nobody can be perfect on their own. It takes a large amount of makeup, hairspray, and effects to make a person look appealing and flawless. Dove was trying to get the point across that you are beautiful for who you are and you are “naturally perfect”. On the Dove website, the Dove Self-Esteem Organization says that about 4% of women worldwide think of themselves as beautiful, so their goal is to boost self-confidence and help girls and women reach their fullest potential. Additionally, this ad sets a very realistic tone and adds instrumental music and sounds from the photo shoot which create a positive, eye-opening experience for most people.

In comparison, the Victoria’s Secret commercial from Super Bowl XLIX set a very romantic and pretty mood with a jazzy, calm, and intriguing song. It featured little clips of V.S. models and had a very intriguing little sentence to go with the entire commercial. This ad was very persuasive by showing attractive women wearing Victoria Secret’s newest line of lingerie. Throughout the ad, there was a hidden message that with these products you can look and feel angelic and beautiful. This constant image of perfection is easy to achieve and you can become perfect by wearing Victoria’s Secret lingerie. All of the models shown had perfect, tan skin, big eyes, thick hair, and long, gorgeous legs. The models were all thin and ultimately flawless. Looking back, the ad was very persuasive and adds to the controversy behind Victoria’s Secret.  Many people consider V.S. controversial due to the fact that a lot of their products will give you “the perfect body”.  A lot of people have started to realize that Victoria Secret commercials and models have become misleading. A body with the proportion of the models displayed throughout the media is unrealistic and potentially harmful to those who attempt to get “the perfect body”.

All in all, these two advertisements both make great points and market their ideas and products well. I support the Dove commercial because it shows people that the men and women we see in the media people just like you and me but with a whole lot of makeup and Photoshop work done to them. It puts body image in a positive light and I think it will start to lead people in a healthy direction when it comes to thinking about their weight, body image, and appearance. The Victoria’s Secret commercial was very appealing and successfully marketed its products but its ideas behind body image were misleading, fake, controversial, and poor. You have to see beneath the persuasion and marketing tricks and understand what is real and what is misleading when it comes to body image.

Dove 'Evolution" vs Victoria's SecretIf you’d like to see the two ads, here are the links:

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