A Setter’s Warm-Up/Workout

Volleyball setters usually touch the volleyball every time it’s on their side of the net. So this means that a setter has to work especially hard and they should look and feel ready to go, right? Here are a few ways your setters can feel warmed up before they play and get in some good reps while they do it. These exercises don’t require a court; all you need is a wall, some space, and maybe even a partner.

– 300+ mini sets on the wall. Make sure your setter’s arms are slightly bent and all of the work is in the wrists as the ball comes on and off the wall. Their right leg should be slightly in front of their left leg and their knees should be bent about a 165 degree angle. When doing this, setters should discipline good hands and stop after every ten to check on their hands. My sister and I try to get over 900 mini sets on the wall so do challenge yourself but don’t overdo it.

A Setter's Warm-Up/Workout

-100+ one-handed sets on the wall. These are similar to the mini sets above but you do them one-handed. If your setter’s arms are stronger, they can extend their arm fully but still bend their elbow slightly. If they are working on strength and wrist control a little more, then they should bend the setting arm at about an 80 degree angle and hold on to it with the other arm while focusing on using their wrist.

A Setter's Warm-Up/Workout
Working on right-hand one-handed sets.

– 6 circles to the right and left (12 total). Circles are similar to the first exercise but for this the setters are turning in a circle while still setting the ball on the wall. Have the setters turn to the right six times and then to the left six times. This one might be kind of tough when your setters start doing it but just watch and make sure they are adjusting to the different angles as they turn.

A Setter's Warm-Up/Workout
Getting to the back set part of a circle.

The first and last exercises can also be used with jump setting if your setters are working on jump setting. They go through the same steps if they were on the ground they just time it a little differently and jump to set instead.

– 50 rockers. For these sets, setters should move off of the wall but still set at the wall. These sets work mostly on their weight transfer from their left foot to their right foot so it’s okay of the set isn’t high or at a certain height for this exercise. The setter will toss the ball to themselves and then set at the wall exaggerating the weight transfer. The ball should come back and then the setter will continue this until they get 50.

A Setter's Warm-Up/Workout
Finishing rocker set, weight transfer, and bringing arms back up quickly.

-25 bouncers. Bouncers are an exercise is which the setter tosses the ball to themselves, sets at the wall with some power, lets it bounce in front of them, and then gets under the ball to set it back at the wall and repeat the process. This is a good exercise to work on footwork and getting low to set with the hands instead of bump-setting it.

A Setter's Warm-Up/Workout
-10 hot dog rolls. Hot dog rolls are a lot of fun. Your setter will lie down on the ground about a ball’s length away from the wall and start setting on the wall while on their stomach. They can then roll onto their side (right or left) and then eventually onto their back and the other side while still setting the ball to the wall.

A Setter's Warm-Up/Workout

So these are a few exercises that you can have your setters do to get some more reps in and come ready to work at a practice or game. Make sure to encourage your setters and challenge them. And also, practice makes perfect but it also makes permanent, so check on them to make sure proper technique is being used. Have fun and go setters! 🙂

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